Our latest Challenge Anthology. You might want to read this one with the lights on. And stay away from the mirrors!

Featured Amazon Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars Halloween is all about everything that is creepy, and spooky, and unexplained Reviewed in the United States on October 12, 2021

Halloween is all about everything that is creepy, and spooky, and unexplained. The stories in this anthology live up (or down, as the case may be) to this reputation and then some. Several of them have guaranteed that I won’t be able to sleep right for the next several nights, and probably even longer than that. Each of these stories is very short and would be a perfect coffee break read – so long as you don’t mind being scared out of your wits in fifteen minutes or less. Now I need to indulge in something that’s pure mindless fluff to chase the shivers from my spine.

Check it out HERE!

Unconditional love. What does that mean to you? This is the question I asked in our last Short Story Writing Challenge. Oh, and the answer had to relate to animals, in some way. The result is an anthology of poems, essays and short stories of love, loss, hope, courage and joy! Check it out HERE!

This is a collection of stories that take on the Brothers Grimm, re-imagines familiar fairytales and introduces new characters and worlds that will make your heart race with excitement. The stories range from sweet to sinister. From new love to revenge and horror. There’s something for everyone. Check it out HERE!

Throughout the year I host Short Story writing Challenges. These are generally two week long events designed around a theme. The participants are challenged to write a short story, poem, essay, letter, etc that fits with that theme. Entries that are accepted are published in an anthology! Past Challenges have included 2019 Halloween Challenge, 2019 Christmas Spirit Challenge, 2020 Love Letters Challenge, 2020 Spring Fever Challenge and the Halloween 2020 Challenge. You can see the whole series HERE!

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For 2021, we have four Challenges scheduled:

Challenge One

            Challenge Dates: The Challenge starts February 6th, 2021 at 8 am, PST and ends February 20th, 2021, at 6 pm, PST.  

            Challenge Topic: Fantasy and Fairytales.  Stories featuring: fairytales, myths, dragons, gnomes, fairies, elves, magical pets and/or cupid

           Published: March 10th, 2021 Fantasy and Fairytales

Challenge Two

            Challenge Dates: First two weeks of May, exact dates TBD

            Challenge Topic: Unconditional Love-Animals Edition

Stories abouts pets and other animals, and how they make our lives better/make us better people

            Published May, 2021 Unconditional Love-Animals Edition

Challenge Three

            Challenge Dates: Last two weeks of August, exact dates TBD

            Challenge Topic: Halloween 2021: Candy, Carnivals and Carnage.

Spooky Halloween stories that feature either a carnival or county/state fair.

            Published October 13, 2021 Halloween 2021: Candy, Carnivals and Carnage.

Challenge Four

            Challenge Dates: October 16-30, 2021

            Challenge Topic:  Hope and Renewal

Stories that highlight: Light, hope and renewal, future self, moving forward, and what’s next

            Challenge estimated Publication date: Early December

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