Meet Midnight, a lost little kitten looking for her boy. And Henry, the enchanted talking cat who helps Stella, from Enchantingly Yours: Season 1, and Pixie and Chester, from my upcoming series, Pixie’s Pies and Potions, and enjoy the sass and hijinks as they work together to save a little boy. The story is told from both Midnight’s point of view and Stella’s! A little early Halloween fun! Get Bewitching Henry now and stay tuned for the first book in the Pixie series, coming later this Fall!

Danger and Donahues! is a romantic, cozy mystery series. It features strong characters and intriguing story lines. With twists and turns galore, it’s sure to tangle you in its web! Murder and a Pinch of Rosemary, Murder in the Maternity Ward and Murder in the Houston High Rise are available now.

Enchantingly Yours: Season 1 is a four book series. It’s a slightly paranormal romantic, cozy mystery series. It’s an experimental series and covers the same main event and time period, with each book being written from a different character’s perspective. This gives you a peek into each of the four witch’s worlds and histories that you wouldn’t get from just one book! When Witches Come True , Heartfelt Witches , Witchful Thinking, and Careful What You Witch For are available now!