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I’ve been super sick and I got behind on the new releases from my Sweet Promise Press co-authors. There are two new books in the Celebrity Corgi Romance series, Dating the Director, by Victoria Barbour and Pining for the Photographer, by Debbie White!! Check them out below!

Emily King has worked hard to become the go-to photographer to the stars, but between readying her new studio and organizing an upcoming charity event, she has little time left for anything else. Well, at least her sweet corgi, Daisy, gives her all the companionship she needs. That is, until a blast from Emily’s past blows right into Tinsel Town…

Stage actor Connor Stone couldn’t wait to trade in the cold winters of New York City for the sunny skies of Los Angeles. And this cross-country move becomes even more of a no-brainer when he finds out his ex needs some extra hands to help prepare the charity event of the season. With his first big movie role and the one who got away both in his sights, Connor can hardly believe how close he’s come to truly having it all.

But will Emily even want to make the time to get to know him again? And will she like what she sees on the other side of her camera lens? Or is their relationship best left in the archives?

Each Celebrity Corgi Romance stands alone, but they’re definitely more fun if you read the whole series together. Get your copy of Pining for the Photographer and book your romantic escape today!

Acclaimed film director Millie Sullivan’s newest project is a sure bet to take her from a simple nominee to a full-fledged Oscar winner. The only thing standing in her way is casting the lead part. It’s perfect for her nemesis, Chris Ryan, but the secret Millie carries about the actor and his dog makes him her last choice for the role.

Chris Ryan is one of Hollywood’s hottest actors. Between premier roles portraying heroes who save the day while falling in love and Skipper, his steadfast Corgi pal, women everywhere adore him. Well, except for Millie Sullivan, that is. Acting in one of Millie’s films can help Chris break free from being typecast in hunky hero or rom-com darling roles, but first he needs to find out why she hates him so much.

Can Skipper help his human bestie land the role of a lifetime while also helping Millie find the will to forgive them of whatever caused her to harbor a grudge for all these years? Or is teaching these two humans to travel from enemies to lovers a trick too impossible for even the cleverest of corgis?

Each Celebrity Corgi Romance stands alone, but they’re definitely more fun if you read the whole series together. Get your copy of Dating the Director, and book your romantic escape today!

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