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New word for book lovers! lol

Today in my daily email from James, at Just Free Stuff, he had the following “(not so) totally useless fact:”

Tsundoku is the act of acquiring books or other reading materials and not reading them.

Anyone here do Tsundoku? lol (Raises hand guiltily.) It’s not hoarding if it’s digital. Is it?

I’ve been following James at justfreestuff.com for more than 10 years and I start my mornings with his email. He shares lots of free stuff, facts, amusing/interesting videos, etc. He’s always been supportive and actually answers my emails! Sometimes he posts something that really resonates or that irritates me, lol, and I let him know about it!

This morning I changed my routine. I’ve been wanting to add the widget to showcase some of my favorite sites, and I decided to do that before I read my email so I would actually remember to do it! I added justfreestuff.com, and Suzy’s Sitcom, then I started to read my email and found that cool fact! It was the perfect thing to add today! Isn’t it funny how things work?

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