Life is good!

My three current brands!, ChellesCozyCorner Etsy shop and ChellesWriteOn Etsy shop!

So much has been happening and my mind is swirling! I’m re-releasing my books; I’ve opened not one but two–two!–Etsy shops; I’ve got another Short Story Writing Challenge starting May 1st and I’m creating classes to teach people to make their own printables! Woohoo!

You can find my shops on Etsy. Chelle’s Cozy Corner has all sorts of things that will make you smile, make great gifts, and give you tools to organize your life. I’m working on some journals and planners, checklists, stories and activity pages for kids, and more! You can find it HERE!

Chelle’s Write On has only just opened so there aren’t many items, but my plan is to focus on writers and provide prompts, journals, planners, cheat sheets, checklists, etc to make the writer’s life a little easier. You can find it HERE!

And pick up your FREE Mother’s Day printable!

You can choose the red version or an ink saving black version!

If you’re interested in joining my Short Story Writing Challenge, we have one starting May 1st! You can find out more and sign up HERE!

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