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Hello everyone! We should have some new people stopping by to check out my website. I have to admit, I’ve been MIA lately. I’ve been hosting writing challenges, writing my third cozy mystery, creating a new line of kids picture books, working full time and trying to get over a nasty flu bug!

My second book in the Texas Sized Mysteries series, Murder in the Maternity Ward was released yesterday! And the first book, Murder and a Pinch of Rosemary is on sale for 99 Cents! (I’ll post the affiliate links below!)

I’m doing a Lit Ring Facebook Takeover tonight from 7-9 pm Eastern time and I’m so excited! I’m hoping to reach new audience and get some Advanced Readers to give me feedback before I publish my books! More info about that below!

Last month I started a Halloween short story writing challenge and it went so well that I just hosted a Christmas Spirit Challenge! It ends Sunday, November 10th and the Anthology will be published at the end of this month. I’m going to continue to host new Challenges because I’m having so much fun and I love helping new writers find their voice and experienced writers find a new audience. If you’ve ever wanted to write a story, but were afraid or thought it wouldn’t be good enough, sign up below for the Challenge Interest List. You’ll be notified of new challenges as I come up with them and given info about past and current challenges.

I’m planning to get the website caught up this weekend, but for now, here are links to get you started! You can sign up for the website on the sidebar. And you can always contact me by email at michelle@mfranciktheauthor.com.

To sign up for the Challenge Interest List, go here.

To sign up for the AR Team, (advanced reader team-where you get a free pdf copy of my next book so you can give me feedback and hopefully, post a review on Amazon when the book is published. You’re not required to submit a review, but it’s appreciated if you do! I will be coming up with some rewards for being a member of the AR team, but I haven’t decided what I want to do yet! So join now and you’ll get whatever cool stuff I come up with!) go here!

My Facebook Author’s Page is here.

My books are on Amazon and you can find my Amazon author page here. You’ll see all of my books, Kindle, KU and paperback! Here are some affiliate links (I get a few cents if you use my links to purchase my books) to individual books: Murder and a Pinch of Rosemary, Murder in the Maternity Ward, 2019 Halloween Short Story Challenge Anthology, and my book especially for writers, Why Writers Need to Write.

That’s it for now! I’ll check in later, and like I said, I’ll planning to work on the website this week to update everything. Check back because there may be some freebies or giveaways soon!


Sorry I’ve been neglecting my website. I’ve had a lot going on!

First, the 2019 Halloween Short Story Challenge has ended! I had 14 authors (and me) submit 25 incredible stories! The Kindle and paperback versions are on sale on Amazon! The anthology turned out great and I hope all of the authors are proud of themselves because they did an amazing job!

My second book in the Donahue Brothers of Texas, Texas Sized Mysteries series, Murder in the Maternity Ward is on pre-order for KU and the Kindle version, and the paperback is live now! So exciting! The Kindle version will be released on November 8th!

I’m scheduled to do a two-hour takeover on LitRing on November 9th to promote my book! Hopefully by then I’ll have completed Book Three in the series, Murder in the Houston High Rise and I’ll be able to tell you it’s release date!

My book was also featured in a giveaway as part of Kathi Daley’s Halloween Spooktacular! It was so exciting to be part of such a huge event!

The next writing Challenge gets underway on Sunday, October 27th! If you’re interested, or know someone who might be, you can sign up here! The next one will be the 2019 Christmas Spirit Short Story Challenge and will run from October 27 to November 10th. That way it’s before the holidays and I’ll have time to get the anthology ready to release for Cyber Monday! That’s the plan, anyway.

We’ve been passing around the “crud” this week. I have some health issues and this virus knocked me off my feet for a few days. I was supposed to spend time with my sons this weekend, but it looks like we’re all sick and need to rest! Boo!

I’m going to revamp my quote book for writers, Why Writers Need to Write, and I’m looking for people who’d be willing to read an advance copy of the book, give me feedback, help me choose a new cover, and post an honest review on Amazon. I’ve been told that people really like it, but I don’t have any reviews to back that up and I’m feeling a bit down about it. I think it’s worth working on, but I need some help! If you’d be interested in helping me out, send an email to michelle@mfranciktheauthor.com with “Advance Reader” in the subject line. You can also let me know if you’d be willing to receive free copies of any of my future books, in exchange for feedback and hopefully, a review! If you know someone else who’d be interested, send them my way!

If you click on any of the links to Amazon, I am an Amazon Associate, so I get a few cents for any purchases you make through my links. I appreciate it!

I’ll try to stay on top of things, but if you don’t hear from me for a while you can always check out my Facebook Author page! And if you sign up for the Challenge, you’ll have access to a special Facebook group! You can always email me at michelle@mfranciktheauthor.com, too.

Till next time, Michelle 🙂

A Crazy Week!

Hey everyone! It has been a crazy week, for sure! Last Sunday I went to get my flu shot at local pharmacy where I get my flu shots every year. I completed the forms and was told it would be 30-45 minutes. I did my shopping and went back to the pharmacy. It had been 50 minutes, so I expected them to say they were nearly ready. The clerk couldn’t find my ticket. She asked one of the pharmacists who said, “Where’s her ticket. I haven’t seen it.” The clerk found it sitting right next to her, and her response was, “oh.”

She picked it up and started entering something in the computer, so when the clerk came over to me and said it would be a few more minutes, they were working on it, I wasn’t surprised. I sat in the waiting area and waited. 20 minutes later I asked about the status. The clerk asked the other pharmacist, since the first one had gone on break, and he said, “It’ll be at least 10 minutes.”

At this point, it had been over an hour, and I had ice cream melting in my cart, so I told her that I couldn’t wait. I was really very nice about it, so I was shocked when the pharmacist spoke up. He told me that they were busy and that I couldn’t expect them to just drop everything to help me! I saw red. I told him that I’d been waiting patiently for over an hour and he told me that I hadn’t. That I’d just walked up and expected to be taken care of right away. I was pissed!

Anyway, I ended up leaving and told him to forget it. I said I’d take my business elsewhere, and he threw up his hands in the air. I went home and sent an email to the store manager and they called me back and were very nice, but no! I don’t deserve to be treated that way and they no longer have my business. Sigh. 🙂

In other news, the 2019 Halloween Short Story Challenge is coming to an end! It has been a fun ride and I think the authors will be so proud of their anthology! As of now, we have 21 entries accepted and the challenge doesn’t end until tonight. Hopefully there will be a bunch of last minute entries! More work for me, but it’s been so much fun!

I’m thinking of doing another challenge for Christmas. Since we have a wide variety of people signed up, it will probably be more like a Christmas/Holiday/Winter challenge so more people will feel comfortable taking part. One of the most asked questions about the Halloween Challenge was if the story had to be scary! Or if it had to be about Halloween.

I plan to publish the anthology paperback as soon as possible, and release the Kindle version a week or so before Halloween. That way people can enjoy the stories before the holiday. I’ll post the info here once I know what’s happening.

I had a blast participating in the Takeovers for my author friends who, like me, write for Sweet Promise Press. You can check out their books here:

Sweethearts of Country Music books:

1. Rissa  https://amzn.to/2A1JIzg

2. Taylor https://amzn.to/2N1osBU

3. Cecilia https://amzn.to/2LrDXjm

4. Katie Lyn https://amzn.to/2ZKPXqo

5. Cinnamon https://amzn.to/2N3h7C2

6. Mac https://amzn.to/2LxHX1Z

My next Sweet Promise Press book will be released on November 8th! In case you forgot, here’s the cover!

I’ll post more details, including when the paperback will be available, as we get closer!

Well, that’s it for now! If you’re interested in learning more about the upcoming writing challenge, or about my books, or Sweet Promise Press, leave a comment or email me at: michelle@mfranciktheauthor.com!

The 2019 Halloween Short Story Challenge has begun!

I currently have 52 people signed up for the challenge, I’ve already received four entries, and the Facebook group is finally working, so I have members! Woohoo!

The other day my supervisor at work asked me how my writing “hobby” was going. He has no idea how close he was to being punched in the face! Writing is hard! Staying on top of everything you need to get done is time consuming and draining. Hosting a challenge? Well, let’s just say, I am one tired puppy!

But to read these stories and give people a chance to spread their wings is unbelievable! I’m having so much fun!

So much going on!

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind! Sally, creator of Home Business School, listened to my idea for a writing challenge and challenged me to make it happen. And make it happen in a big way! So I am!

I’m hosting the 2019 Halloween Short Story Challenge! See the post below:


It’s going to be so much fun! I already have over 25 people signed up and I’ve had a lot of questions about content. levels of scary, etc. If you haven’t signed up yet, you should do it now. the challenge starts Sunday, September 15 and ends on Sunday, September 29th.

So, you know I write for Sweet Promise Press. Well, I’ve been doing Facebook takeovers for the new series, Sweethearts of Country Music, and it’s been so much fun! The series is about 6 women who form an all female country band. Books One and Two are available now, and the rest are on pre-order! You can order them all today, read the first two, and have a new book to read every Friday for the next four Fridays! Woohoo!

Sweethearts of Country Music books:

1. Rissa’s Rebel Heart, by Sydney Logan  https://amzn.to/2A1JIzg

2. Taylor’s Legendary Heart, by Victoria Pinder https://amzn.to/2N1osBU

3. Cecilia’s Soulful Heart, by Tami Franklin https://amzn.to/2LrDXjm

4. Katie Lyn’s Guarded Heart, by Marie Savage https://amzn.to/2ZKPXqo

5. Cinnamon’s Courageous Heart, by Ryan Jo Summers https://amzn.to/2N3h7C2

6. Mac’s Daring Heart, by Sandi Lane https://amzn.to/2LxHX1Z

I’ll be doing a takeover for Victoria tomorrow, then I hope to have time to finish my paperback version of Why Writers Need to Write. I have to finish proofreading it, create the table of contents, finish formatting it, create the cover and publish it!

Well, that’s if for now. I’ll be sending out a reminder tomorrow to those who’ve signed up for the challenge. Then on Sunday, your first prompt and a welcome email. I need to get some rest, I have a long weekend ahead!

Woohoo! My quote book is live!

You can order the Kindle version or read on KU HERE! Paperback coming soon!

If you’re a writer or know a writer, this book has just what you need. Quotes from writers who explain what writing means to them, how to deal with rejection, why writer’s need time alone, and other tips and tricks. Everyone who purchases this book can download a FREE companion journal/planner, too!

This book is currently available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited, but soon I’ll have the paperback version ready to go. I’m also working on a full-sized journal/planner for 2020!

Sign up for my emails and you’ll be the first to know about any new books and any freebies I’m offering. Follow me on Amazon, too!

My friend Sydney’s new book, and a contest!!

Title: Piece of My Heart
Author: Sydney Logan
Genre: Contemporary Western Romance
Release Date: July 26, 2019


They say true love never fades.

I’ve spent the last decade, and a fortune in paint, making sure of it.

Amber Tucker never dreamed she’d return to Cedar Grove, but when she finally finds the courage to leave her abusive husband, she knows her old hometown is her only option. Desperate for a new life, Amber takes her ten-year-old son and moves in with her aunt. She prays for a fresh start while hoping to avoid her childhood sweetheart—the man whose heart she broke nearly a decade ago.

Noah Murphy has spent the last ten years trying to forget Amber Tucker. He’s had a hard time letting go—as evidenced by the big red heart on his farm’s grain silo. Noah painted it when he was sixteen and crazy in love, and every spring, he gives the heart a fresh coat of paint. It’s all he has left—the only reminder that Amber was real.

That is, until she returns to Cedar Grove.

When her husband comes calling, Amber knows she has to break the cycle of abuse, once and for all. But, when she takes matters into her own hands, can Noah protect her from the consequences of her actions? Or, will he lose her all over again?

Purchase Links

99c for release day ONLY!!


Free in Kindle Unlimited


I walk into the barn with every intention of looking for the horse, but my feet have other ideas, and suddenly, I find myself standing at the rickety old ladder that leads up to the hayloft.
Swallowing nervously, I slide my hand along the wood.
How many times did I climb this ladder?
I give it a little shake and decide it’s sturdy enough.
Then I climb.
The last thing I want to do is fall.
Or drop the wine.
That would be a tragedy.
I make it to the top, and as soon as I do, a tidal wave of emotions and memories wash over me. Staggering to the nearest bale of hay, I sit down and close my eyes.
Our hayloft was sacred. It was where Noah kissed me for the first time. One year later, it was where we lost our virginity. For more than two years it was our hiding place—our little sanctuary from the nosy eyes of the world.
Something in the corner of the loft catches my eye. Its royal blue and white—our high school colors—and I know it’s our blanket. We tried to remember to lay it down every time, but it didn’t matter. When you’re naked, hay manages to find its way into places where hay just shouldn’t be found.
I sigh deeply and lean my head back, lifting the bottle to my lips. It’s fruity and cool and does nothing but conjure more memories.
His gentle hands. My soft moans. Our heated kisses.
They play like a symphony in my head.
As promised, the storm moves in. The wind howls and the downpour rattles the roof. As the thunder rolls above my head, the barn lights start to dance.
But I’m not afraid.
This is home.
Through the thunder, I hear Noah’s voice calling my name, followed by the sound of hooves.
I sneak a glance over the side of the loft, just in time to spot Noah as he leads Midnight inside, talking quietly to her as he guides her to the stall. He’s soaked and cursing the storm.
I close my eyes and curse my own stupidity.
“Her car’s still here, but she’s not in the office . . .”
I can hear the concern in his voice, and it breaks me. I can’t let him worry, no matter how embarrassing this is going to be.
And make no mistake. It’s gonna be awkward.
Leaning over, I take a deep breath and look down. He’s standing just below the loft, his face turned toward the open barn doors.
“Noah . . . I’m up here.”
He freezes, spins around, and looks up.
“Umm . . . hi.”
“What are you doing up there?”
I hold up the bottle of strawberry wine and tell him the truth.
Noah’s shoulders sag, and he bows his head. I hold my breath while he looks out at the storm. Then, he lifts his eyes to meet mine once again.
“Want some company?”

Author Bio

Sydney Logan writes heartfelt stories that feature strong women and the men who love them. In addition to her novels, she has penned several short stories and is a contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul. She is a Netflix junkie, music lover, and a Vol for Life. Sydney and her husband make their home in beautiful East Tennessee.

Keep in touch with Sydney by signing up for her newsletter!

Author Links


Check out my friend’s new book!

Noah Murphy has spent the last ten years trying to forget Amber Tucker. He’s had a hard time letting go—as evidenced by the big red heart on his farm’s grain silo. Noah painted it when he was sixteen and crazy in love, and every spring, he gives the heart a fresh coat of paint. It’s all he has left—the only reminder that Amber was real.

That is, until she returns to Cedar Grove.

When her husband comes calling, Amber knows she has to break the cycle of abuse, once and for all. But, when she takes matters into her own hands, can Noah protect her from the consequences of her actions? Or, will he lose her all over again?


Welcome to my new author website.

My name is Michelle and I am an author and freelance writer. You’ve landed on my website! Nice to meet you! 🙂

I write romantic cozy mysteries, romance, non-fiction, sci-fi, and children’s stories. I am an author for Sweet Promise Press and I also self-publish.

I just released a novella, “Murder and a Pinch of Rosemary: The Donahue Brothers of Texas, Book 1.” It’s the third book in Sweet Promise Press’ cozy mystery series, Texas Sized Mysteries, and the first book in my subseries.

The second book, “Murder in the Maternity Ward,” is scheduled for release on November 8th, 2019. I’ll let you know when it’s available for pre-order!

I’m currently writing book three, “Murder in the Houston High Rise.” Sign up for my newsletter to find out when it’s due for release.

I’ve also just released the Kindle version of “Why Writers Need to Write-a Book of Quotes From the Writer’s Point of View.” It’s a book of quotes about writing, from famous writers. It explores the highs and lows of being a writer from people who actually know what they’re talking about!

In the meantime, I’m finishing up some other projects and plan to publish them soon. I”m working on the paperback version of my quote book, a 2020 companion planner for the quote book, the first book in a series of children’s chapter books, and even more romance and intrigue.

I’ll also post upcoming events for myself, my friends, and my co-authors at Sweet Promise Press.

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