Michelle Francik, Author


Hello everyone! We should have some new people stopping by to check out my website. I have to admit, I’ve been MIA lately. I’ve been hosting writing challenges, writing my third cozy mystery, creating a new line of kids picture books, working full time and trying to get over a nasty flu bug!

My second book in the Texas Sized Mysteries series, Murder in the Maternity Ward was released yesterday! And the first book, Murder and a Pinch of Rosemary is on sale for 99 Cents! (I’ll post the affiliate links below!)

I’m doing a Lit Ring Facebook Takeover tonight from 7-9 pm Eastern time and I’m so excited! I’m hoping to reach new audience and get some Advanced Readers to give me feedback before I publish my books! More info about that below!

Last month I started a Halloween short story writing challenge and it went so well that I just hosted a Christmas Spirit Challenge! It ends Sunday, November 10th and the Anthology will be published at the end of this month. I’m going to continue to host new Challenges because I’m having so much fun and I love helping new writers find their voice and experienced writers find a new audience. If you’ve ever wanted to write a story, but were afraid or thought it wouldn’t be good enough, sign up below for the Challenge Interest List. You’ll be notified of new challenges as I come up with them and given info about past and current challenges.

I’m planning to get the website caught up this weekend, but for now, here are links to get you started! You can sign up for the website on the sidebar. And you can always contact me by email at michelle@mfranciktheauthor.com.

To sign up for the Challenge Interest List, go here.

To sign up for the AR Team, (advanced reader team-where you get a free pdf copy of my next book so you can give me feedback and hopefully, post a review on Amazon when the book is published. You’re not required to submit a review, but it’s appreciated if you do! I will be coming up with some rewards for being a member of the AR team, but I haven’t decided what I want to do yet! So join now and you’ll get whatever cool stuff I come up with!) go here!

My Facebook Author’s Page is here.

My books are on Amazon and you can find my Amazon author page here. You’ll see all of my books, Kindle, KU and paperback! Here are some affiliate links (I get a few cents if you use my links to purchase my books) to individual books: Murder and a Pinch of Rosemary, Murder in the Maternity Ward, 2019 Halloween Short Story Challenge Anthology, and my book especially for writers, Why Writers Need to Write.

That’s it for now! I’ll check in later, and like I said, I’ll planning to work on the website this week to update everything. Check back because there may be some freebies or giveaways soon!